Free Local Network SSL

Angled is a free* and simple solution for creating and managing SSL certificates for localnetworks. Based on the same software that powers let's encrypt.


  • Networks are not inherently "safe" inside the firewall. Good communication protection should be end-to-end, also for local servers and devices
  • Logging on to the Unifi Controller or Synology server with a "this page is not secure" is just bad UX
  • Managing local network resources via "the cloud" is just damn sexy


  • Create an account
  • Download and trust your root
  • Issue a certificate
  • Upload the certificate to your server
  • Ahhhhh


  • Integrations:
    Are you a hardware vendor and serve http traffic on internal networks (like synology, ubiquity, etc)? Then get in touch on how to integrate Angled directly in your customer setup flow.